DeFi by Design EP#70: veTokenomics, DeFi Revival, & Sustainability with Balancer DAO

The Return of veTokenomics is ramping up! Listen as we chat with Balancer DAO to cover veBAL launch, new stablecoin yields, the development of DeFi, & More!

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The return of veTokenomics is on the rise with new DEXs in DeFi. The idea behind vote locking is a novel, complex mechanism which attempts to build a longer term value proposition to the token holders of that token.

The initial introduction to this was CRV & veCRV, which has been the staple of yield in DeFi.

In this episode of DeFi By Design, we chat with Andrea Cianfruglia & Alan Stivelman and take a look at Balancer DAO, an OG DeFi DEX with a strong & solid team. The organization is split into Balancer Labs & Balancer DAO leading the push towards decentralization.

We discuss the veBAL launch, new stablecoin yields, the development of DeFi over time, and the future vision of what’s to come.

Excited to see this play out.



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