DeFi by Design EP#75: The On-Chain Era Of Sports Finance w Athlete X

Explore an Exciting Project That Blends Sports and DeFi! 

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The combination of sports and Web3 is making a massive splash as you read this! There are dozens of NFT projects and sports betting applications being built on top of Ethereum and smart contracts.

Due to the presence of rent-seekers like FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as ticketing services like StubHub and TicketMaster, there is a MASSIVE amount of capital & value being captured by these middlemen that is ready to be returned to the users.

Yep, average folks like you and I!

We are excited about today’s podcast as this is a project that our very own co-founder Robbie has been grinding away on for over a year now. Introducing: AthleteX!

In this show, we speak with co-founder Kevin Kamto about building a project that encompasses sports and DeFi and why he’s so excited about this parallel!

Tune in! (And tune out the market noise!)



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