DeFi by Design EP#76: The Evolution Of Money Markets w 0vix

Dive Into the newest innovative money market protocol on the market!

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The growth of money markets started with the inception of Compounds yield farming back in early 2020! This was my first foray into DeFi as I saw what was happening in the world of yield farming.

I remember going on Argent wallet and playing around with depositing different tokens on Compound.

Gas fees were even cheap back then!

Since then we’ve seen many different developments of tokenomics and types of lending protocols being experimented with, notably Aave, Rari Capital, and a few others.

In todays podcast we chat with Garry from 0VIX a new, innovative money market on Polygon! There are some notable parts of the Polygon ecosystem being developed and were stoked to see it all play out!

Enjoy this, and stay safe out there!


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