DeFi by Design EP#103: Fintech Mega Goliath on Brand Trust and Consumer Behavior in Web3 w/ Worldpay Head of Growth

We chat with Worldpay Head of Growth, Crypto, and Web3 to learn what is holding us back from mass adoption.

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Gm High Rollers:

Most of our network consists of builders and degens who are numb to bear markets after surviving for so long. This conversation was a first of its kind. Firstly, Worldpay and FIS are truly an institution, and one of the largest in the Fintech space with over a trillion dollars of settlement volume. Secondly, setting the limit of tradFi has let Worldpay break into Web3 with force. This is what we learned…

It starts with infrastructure. In fact, fintech companies prefer the ultra-technical term DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to blockchain because blockchains are still cast in shadows, associated with the shady world of crypto making it untrustworthy to consumers.

This was key to another important realization from my conversation with Mina. Applications that try to change consumer behavior will not win. Consumers won’t change their behavior to fit your shiny narrative. Consumers trust brands, and have loyalty to products built by those brands because those brands know their consumer behavior. It is more likely end consumers use products from brands they already trust.

Change yourself before you try to change the world.

My conversation with Mina taught me valuable lessons about consumer behavior, strategies to grow our business to trillions in size and how to connect massive fintech brands to emerging blockchain technology.

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