DeFi By Design EP#11: DeFi As An Evolution of Bitcoin with Antonio Gomes


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DeFi Slate Fam,

A really unique episode here, our friend Antonio from the Gator Blockchain Club at the University of Florida. He pioneered the club and really myself & Robbie’s interest in the decentralized finance world.

Now, Antonio is working on Bittips & trying to educate as many as he can on the new era of digital assets.

In this episode, Robbie & Antonio dive into the applications of Bitcoin into the real world.

Furthermore, how the current DeFi space is an evolution of the goal of Bitcoin.

Banking the unbanked. Fighting the fed. Open monetary policies. Immutability. Permissionless. Stablecoins. Nation states & digital assets.

Grab your popcorn & enjoy y’all 🤠


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