DeFi by Design EP#100: The Ultimate Cross-Chain API w Philipp Zentner CEO of Li.Fi

This special 100th episode of DeFi by Design is brought to you alongside a marathon Twitter Space with our frens from 60+ projects.

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A very special GM rollup nation:

We are totally hype to present our 100th episode of DeFi by Design. Its been a wild ride, so far through bull and bear we have survived. Thanks in large part to you. The listeners of DeFi by Design, our followers on the rollup, our media partners, project sponsors, and all the teams building to scale Ethereum and DeFi.

You may have seen, to celebrate EP100 we are hosting a party 🥂

Today’s episode with Philipp shows the ultimate power of blockchain interop. When projects come together and combine tech it allows everyone to specialize, and divide and conquer. This is something Li.Fi does best. They were able to partner their way to promiseland because it “rolls up” every bridge into one beautiful user experience. Any time you need to bridge or swap, check Li.Fi to see which bridge is fastest and cheapest.

Philipp also shares his story about Li.Fi growth, the birth of Jumper, the massive fundraising tour, and surviving market conditions to thrive in the best of times. Thank you to Philipp and Li.Fi for this phenomenal episode, and thank you to all our sponsors and 99 previous guests on DeFi by Design.

We are just getting started…

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