💬 ETHCC Convos: Abstracting Away DeFi Complexities To Make a 10x Better UX with Connext


Exploring Account Abstraction and Chain Abstraction in DeFi with Connext

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High Rollers:

A concept we’ve been hearing a ton about (and I’m sure you have too) is Account Abstraction.

Basically, instead of using metamask for your wallet you’ll have a smart contract wallet which can do tons of custom operations and can initiate / conduct TXs without the need for an EOA (aka MetaMask/signer).

We’re very bullish on AA.

Similarly, we’re excited about chain abstraction👀

Imagine interacting with a dApp and not knowing (or caring) which chain you were on. You just want the cheapest fees & best liquidity.

Connext is bringing this reality to the forefront of DeFi UX.

In todays convo with CTO Rahul, we dive into this concept and…

  • How Connext is shaping cross-chain governance and making it easier for DAOs to operate in several execution environments
  • Where this new xERC20 standard comes in and why they are so convicted in the positive effect of its adoption
  • Rahul’s overall opinion on the state of bridging and cross-chain DeFi

​Hope you guys enjoy this one!



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