💬 ETHCC Convos: Rhino.Fi Bear Market Pivots To Bridging and Thoughts From An OG


 We Navigate Surviving Bear Market Scenarios

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High Rollers:

One common realization I had at ETHCC was the amount of teams that have recently pivoted in the bear market due to demand and trying to find the best product market fit.

Bear markets bring harsh truths to the forefront of governance forums, discord convos, and community calls.

But, fear not.

Ross and the Rhino Fi team have been heads down building since early 2017 (maybe before?) and this isn’t the first bear market they’ve seen.

In todays interview we touch on:

-Ross’s mental model for surviving bear markets as a team

-Building products that cater to what the market needs

  • Why Rhino.FI is positioning itself as a bridge for L2s
  • Where Ross sees the market heading in 2024 and onwards
  • Tons of great takes here for builders and alpha for the community as well 👀

Let’s see how this goes!



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