💬 Nebular Summit: Breaking Digital Identity Barriers with Cheqd.io


Unlocking Digital Identity: A Journey with Cheqd.io at Nebular Summit

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High Rollers:

Happy Monday! Of all the convos amidst ETHCC week in Paris, the topics were somewhat similar:

How account abstraction is changing the DeFi UX forever.

Why L2s are primed to have the next hype cycle for DeFi yields.

LSDFi and Staked ETH yield opportunities.

Zero Knowledge technology and how it will be implemented.

Tons of these discussions were going around, as well as general sustainability in the bear market…so, when I had the chance to sit down with Fraser, the CEO of Cheqd, at Nebular Summit it was a breath of fresh air as they are operating on a completely different wavelength! 👀

In this interesting conversation, we discussed:

  • Cheqd’s new system “creds” and how they plan to bring in big ‘Web2’ players into the digital identity space

  • Privacy and monetization of personal data online and what you can do to earn from social media sites

  • Where blockchain-based applications have the chance to disrupt some of the classic data monopolies in the world now

Very interesting and practical information which is mind-opening when you start to see the data world as it is.

Data is the new oil.

Cheqd is trying to put the power back in your hands.

Learn how & why in todays interview.



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