💬 Nebular Summit: How Agoric Is Building The Interchain Stable Token To Power IBC and Cosmos Ecosystem


Learn how Cosmos is Building a Stable Unit of Value for the Cosmos Ecosystem

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High Rollers:

We believe that what IBC and Cosmos are doing with app specific rollups & chains is crucial for DeFi scalability…

Also, we’re very excited to see that Cosmos ecosystem had solved their once traumatic stablecoin dilemma with UST!

With the launch of the interchain stable token (IST) we’re seeing that Dean and the Agoric team are pushing forward to create a stable unit of value for the Cosmos ecosystem.

In this episode Dean and I talk about what it means to be a unit of value, how Agoric is pushing forward to be the stable token of the IBC, and some of his core beliefs about money.

I was really intrigued throughout this entire chat, as always with Dean because he is a really fun guy to talk to and this interview is filled with energy.

Hope you enjoy!



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