💬 Scalability on Starknet: RabbitX Decentralized Perpetuals

 Is it Altseason? Dive Into Decentralized Perpetuals w RabbitX

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Gm Rollup Nation:

We’ll cut right to the chase.

There’s a new rabbit in town.

As you know, rabbits are fast. Well, this perpetual exchange is rabbit on crack fast. Starknet is scalability to the next level. Zk proofs are hard to argue against at this point. Real deal quick.

Plus, volume. Which is unique to find in Starknet given there is not major bridge infrastructure connections from EVM. Despite limited access, RabbitX has done $500,000, $218,000 and $212,000 in 24hr volume on its top 3 markets: BTC-USD ETH-USD and wait for it – PEPE-USD.

That’s right. This is our second video in a row on Pepe. I don’t even own any. Maybe its cope. I know nothing about Pepe. What is do know, is there is a juiced up perpetual orderbook exchange with $212,000 in Pepe volume today. So, altseason?

Uh oh I said altseason. Dump it.

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