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GM Rollup Nation

Welcome to a fresh new world of actionable insights and opportunities in Ethereum scalability.

In this episode, we discuss emerging research in the world of rollups, data availability, sequencer centralization, and the emergence of Superchains.

One of the most critical challenges in the rollup space is ensuring data availability. In a rollup, transaction data is aggregated and compressed, meaning that it cannot be verified independently on the main Ethereum chain. This poses a significant challenge as it leaves the system vulnerable to data manipulation or censorship. Fraud proof rollups like Optimistic and ZK rollups are leading the charge to solve Layer 2 data availability.

Another challenge facing rollups is sequencer centralization. The sequencer is responsible for ordering transactions and publishing the resulting blocks on the main chain. While the sequencer’s role is crucial to rollup functionality, centralization in sequencers could lead to monopoly and censorship. We discuss potential solutions to decentralize sequencers like SUAVE, shared sequencing, and auction style sequencer selection.

Finally, we will explore the emergence of Superchains, a new type of rollup that aims to address some of the limitations of existing rollup designs. Superchains seek to achieve this by using the OP Stack architecture to combine elements of rollups and sidechains for high scalability and data availability while maintaining the security and decentralization of the main Ethereum chain.

Overall, there is tons of exciting research in Ethereum to power mass adoption dApps. In this Introduction to Rollups we scratch the surface of what scales blockchains under the hood. Plenty more to come from The Rollup.

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