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Inside Scoop on the Launch of Wormhole $W Token Launch X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: Finally! Wormhole $W token is here. After a three year journey of shipping filled of ups and downs, Wormhole has announced they are taking the path to decentralizing their community. If you’ve been navigating the onchain world, you’ve probably heard [...]

Taiko’s Blueprint for an Accessible Crypto World High Rollers: Welcome to ETHDenver! Today we’re diving deep into Taiko’s vision of scaling Ethereum. At the heart of Taiko lies a commitment to building a diverse and interoperable ecosystem. A place where crypto developers find a sandbox to build awesome applications. In today’s live interview from Denver, [...]

Ease into the Future of Crypto: Unlocking Interoperability with Axelar High Rollers: In today’s spotlight, we’re peeling back the layers of complexity to reveal how Axelar is creating a network for new token launches. We speak with Jason, head of DeFi at Axelar, about their recent launch of the Interchain Token Standard (ITS), seamless user [...]

Unveiling The Modular Liquidity Layer High Rollers: To start this week off, we’re diving into the fascinating modular world (what a surprise!) with an interview with Jake Kim, founder of an up and coming project in the liquidity/interoperability space, Mitosis! If you’ve ever used Hyperlane’s nexus bridge, then you’ve interacted with Mitosis underneath. Mitosis is [...]

Leveraged Eigenlayerrestaking High Rollers: Restaking has DOMINATED the crypto narrative mindshare recently. For good reason, the innovations brought to the space by Eigenlayer are nothing to shake your head at. In today’s video, we explore Gearbox V3 and why it’s catching the attention of DeFi enthusiasts, builders, and power users alike. Gearbox V3 has rolled [...]

Introducing A New Approach to Rollup OS High Rollers: If you’ve been following us for the last few months, you know we are bullish on modular rollups. Utilizing alternative virtual machines (altVMs), modular rollups are able to scale much more efficiently. Fuel Network is pushing the agenda for the modular rollup space with their “Rollup [...]

The Future of Gaming: How blockchain is changing the gaming industry one block at a time High Rollers: Happy Monday! I’m sure you’ve heard that crypto gaming is coming and its going to be huge, only to struggle finding games onchain. This changes in 2024. This is the year of crypto gaming. Today, Rob and [...]

Exploring Liquid Staking for Enhanced Security and Sustainable Yields High Rollers: Restaking has taken the community by surprise so far this year with Eigenlayer being one of the most prominent upcoming launches we’ve seen in some time. Rob sat down with João, CEO of Genesis LRT, at Staking Summit to discuss the restaking landscape. Since [...]

Uncovering the Recent Saga Genesis Drop & Cosmos Gaming Alpha High Rollers: We’re making an introduction to the Cosmos gaming space after the recent Saga genesis drop announcement! Saga is an L1 appchain solution for launching other L1 applications (games), providing fully provisioned chains called “chainlets” with all the necessary elements to scale. As a [...]

From Efficient DeFi to Decentralized Esports: A Recap of Visionary Interviews in the Web3 Space High Rollers: In a series of enlightening interviews held by our core contributor Tushar we’ve had the privilege of diving deep into the minds of some of the most forward-thinking leaders in the Web3 ecosystem. Each conversation shed light on [...]