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Exploring the technical designs of EntangleFi High Rollers: Happy Monday! Markets are red but we keep building! EntangleFi is at the forefront of innovation with its Omnichain liquidity layer, which is playing a pivotal role in keeping the positive flywheel of DeFi spinning for longer durations. This new โ€œcomposability layerโ€ is unlocking new assets as [...]

Discover the Yield-Bearing Liquid Staked $TIA Strategies High Rollers: The staked $TIA trade is officially reaching the entirety of CT and likely to permeate YouTube and more, if not already. Today, weโ€™re showing you a variation to get higher capital efficiency (using liquid staked TIA) and borrowing against / lending your $milkTIA. Milky Way launched [...]

Discover the Seamless Path to Staking Your Tokens on the Cosmos Ecosystem   High Rollers: Today, we’re diving into the world of liquid staking with a focus on PersistenceOne, an LSTFi focused protocol growing in the Cosmos ecosystem. So, what’s the buzz about pStakeFinance? Well, it’s all about providing a smooth and user-friendly experience for [...]

Discover How Mozaic Finance’s AI-Powered Approach is Reshaping DeFi   High Rollers: Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Mozaic Finance, a project that’s leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize yield farming in the crypto space. Mozaic Finance is a carefully crafted platform that’s using an AI called Archimedes to intelligently rebalance deposits across [...]

Speedrun through Cartesiโ€™s Linux VM applications   GM High Rollers! Welcome to the world of Modularity, where scalable software meets the power of blockchain technology. In our latest ecosystem report, we’ll take a deep dive into the exciting applications of the Cartesi ecosystem, built with Cartesiโ€™s Linux VM. The launch of innovative dapps to enhance [...]

A Calm Dive into the New Wave of DeFi Trading   High Rollers: Welcome to today’s piece, where we’re taking a relaxed journey into the world of Primex Finance’s Mainnet Beta. This isn’t about hype or overblown promises, but a genuine exploration of how this platform is subtly reshaping the crypto trading landscape. Primex Finance’s [...]

In this video Robbie Rollup sits down with Jack to understand cross-chain messaging technologies.   High Rollers, In this 20-minute video, Robbie Rollup educates Jack on the opportunities that come with cross-chain messaging. Learn more about how all of the cross-chain messaging and routing is abstracted away, under-the-hood of Axelar core and squid router. Cheers [...]

In this 5 minute video, we share a walkthrough of Ekubo DEX on Starknet   High Rollers, There’s a new Dominant DEX in the Starknet Ecosystem. Over the past 48 hours, this dex has absolutely exploded and is quickly taking over Starknet. We made a five minute video to educate you on how to bridge, [...]

In this video, Andy shares his thoughts on the newest optimism airdrop   High Rollers, It literally pays to be in DeFi, but Optimism’s latest airdrop is not without its controversies. Take 5 minutes to hear our thoughts on the details of airdrop #3. Andy goes into detail on how to delegate and earn tokens, [...]

In this video, we highlight the new incentive program approved by Arbitrium DAO   High Rollers, One of our favorite L2s has announced a grant program to incentivize liquidity, increase traffic, and much more. There are a few tiers of grants available: Beacon, Siren, Lighthouse, Pinnacle We’ve prepared a 5 minute video for you on [...]