DeFi by Design EP#62: Interest Rate Environment Impacts on DeFi w Notional Finance

Join the conversation with, Teddy Woodward, from Notional Finance on the macro interest environment and everything it means for interest rates on crypto

DeFi Slate Fam:

As Decentralized Finance continues to progress, we’re beginning to see more DeFi primitives pop up in the form of structured products. One of these are fixed rates, a primitive that exists on TradFi that is starting to be explored in DeFi. With yield becoming harder to find, fixed-rate products offer the ability to turn risk assets into guaranteed yield generating assets.

Today we talked with Teddy Woodward, the Co-Founder of Notional, a fixed-rate lending & borrowing platform that has been in the space for 2 years now and recently launched both their v2 and protocol token 3 months ago. We go over Notional’s vision to become an institutional backend for services such as Coinbase Earn, how fixed-rate products open up a whole world of possibilities and how the decentralized nature of Notional allows DeFi savvy individuals to cut straight to the source instead of using centralized services to take full advantage of higher yields, and more.

With the constant evolution of yields in DeFi and new products in the pipeline, Notional stands to be one of the pioneers in the CeDeFi Space.


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