How Celestine Sloths Became The Modular Community Mascot

The origin story of Celestine Sloths, the modular community collection behind a 400x from mint

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Did you know that Celestia was originally called LazyLedger? The idea behind this laziness stems from Celestia’s minimalistic properties. By solely focusing on data availability with minimal smart contracts & execution, Celestia is able to provide cheap and secure data verification while outsourcing execution to other chains.

In today’s episode, we set out to understand the origin story of not only Celestia, but also the now iconic Celestine Sloth Society NFT collection. The success and significance of the Celestine Sloths Society has came at a perfect time for the modular community.

We were joined by Zaki Manian, and Steven (sk) from the Celestine Sloths team and Nick White from Celestia to discuss the impact and origin story of the Sloths.

The Celestine Sloths Society was introduced with a fair launch exclusively for Celestia stakers, requiring one TIA token to mint each NFT, with a limit of one per wallet. They quickly soared in value and even surpassed Bad Kids in floor price, the biggest collection in Cosmos.

We discussed this rise of popularlity as well as the choice of the sloth as a thematic symbol for the modular community which creatively reflects the concept of the ‘lazy ledger’—a playful nod to Celestia. We went on to unveil potential future developments, like modular sloth bodies and the expansion of the sloth IP.

Many of the community members are excited for the potential modular project token distributions to Sloths (like Lava, Mitosis, Initia, Movement and others), we also touched on whether there could be a Sloth token in the future.

We enjoyed this conversation and hope you do as well!

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