Modular Execution and VM Landscape 2024

A refreshing overview of the landscape of different execution layers

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A big part of our modular thesis this year is the need for extremely high TPS blockchains which create a far better user experience, as well as a better dev experience.

You may have heard the terms “altVMs or next-gen VMs” come up on X or in other videos of ours when referring to building L2s/rollups not using EVM.

This brings us to the heart of today’s discussion with Robert Sasu, a core developer for MultiversX with firm opinions about different virtual machines and execution stacks.

We discuss the MoveVM, SpaceVM, Web Assembly/Wasm, Solana VM, Linux-based VMs and more. We asked Robert how they stack up with each other when it comes to solving current scalability challenges. The goal for today is to provide insights into where we think the Ethereum scaling landscape is headed, as well as the broader modular ecosystem.

Join us for an overview of the execution layer landscape in 2024 and understand why this is a core part of our thesis.

The Rollup

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