Modular March EP 4: Modular Appchain Design Choices with Cartesi

Unpacking the Design Choices of Execution Environments with Cartesi

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One of the biggest things we are leaning into is the design choices behind the certain builders decisions. We really want to understand why projects are choosing execution environments in specific modular architectures.

In today’s video we sit down with Cartesi’s co-founder Felipe to gather insights for builders. We take a dive into the differences between app specific rollups and general purpose chains and how choosing a modular stack composition based on the usecase.

Felipe sheds light on the “cone of innovation,” a model created by Cartesi which illustrates the dynamic interplay between computational capacity and data availability. By emphasizing the importance of tailored execution environments, Felipe highlights the need for careful consideration of various factors such as computational intensity, developer resources, and privacy concerns.

The optionality of execution environments and the strategic decisions behind them play a pivotal role in shaping the future of modular blockchain applications.

One of the core reasons were here is to give builders a choice.


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