Modular Blockchains

Modular March EP 14: Conversatism in The Modular Ecosystem with Lumio

July 10, 2024, 4:54 AM
The Power of Interconnectivity in Modular Thesis

What an interesting conversation this was.

Going way back to the core ethos of cryptoeconomic systems, we took a bit of a journey through PoW, PoS, and now modularity. It was quite a different presentation from the previous Modular March episodes.

We sat down with Alejo, a co-founder of Lumio, to discuss the memetic nature of crypto incentive systems with a focus on designing conservative systems which are aligned with Satoshi’s vision of blockchain.

Alejo is an OG and is now building out Lumio, a moveVM based L2 on Ethereum which will likely utilize EigenDA. To be fair, we just briefly touched on what they are actually building and spent most of the time discussing the philosophical side of building in crypto, which we found interesting.

Modularity is breaking apart the traditional mental frameworks for blockchain value accrual and design.

See for yourself.