Modular Blockchains

Modular March EP 19: The Power of Fuel Network's Rollup OS

July 10, 2024, 5:28 AM
Unveiling the modular stack of FuelVM, FuelProver & Sequencer and more

Another episode with an Ethereum scaling OG, Nick Dodson, who pioneered the original idea of optimistic rollups before they were the norm. Nick is actually also working on an innovative concept called fast finality optimistic rollups, which we are going to line up another episode for.

The team behind Fuel has been working tirelessly for several years to bring their vision to life, and we getting very close to mainnet.

In this presentation, we explore the “Rollup OS” of Fuel, powered by the Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM), which is notable for its integration of the UTXO model extended for sophisticated transactions including smart contracts. We discussed this in-depth, seeing as the UTXO model has gotten a bit of a bad rap (shoutout Cardano).

The Fuel VM also utilizes a hybrid proving model, combining the strengths of optimistic rollups and zk proofs to ensure the integrity and efficiency of transactions.

We went onto discuss the "rollup trilemma" and the ways in which Nick is striving to achieve optimal performance, sustainability, and interoperability without compromising on any single front. We pushed back on some of the design choices around Fuel’s customized programming language, Sway, and why this is the choice they made.

Nick gave us a quick demo of a very cool compiler tool as well, some sweet alpha there.

Get ready for the modular expansion, its happening quickly.