In this audio, Robbie speaks with a special guest representing Primex Finance   High Rollers, This interview provides a comprehensive overview of Primex, its unique features, security measures, and plans for the future. Primex is a brokerage protocol that enables users to borrow liquidity for specific use cases, providing undercollateralized leverage and decentralized trade execution [...]

In this audio, Robbie learns more about QuantStamps process for evaluating ethereum rollups   High Rollers, There’s a lot more to rollups than you can present in a pie chart. Also, there’s a lot more rollups today than ever before. Learn more about how our frens at QuantStamp helps our community by giving a clear [...]

Exploring Account Abstraction and Chain Abstraction in DeFi with Connext   High Rollers: A concept we’ve been hearing a ton about (and I’m sure you have too) is Account Abstraction. Basically, instead of using metamask for your wallet you’ll have a smart contract wallet which can do tons of custom operations and can initiate / [...]

Mantle, the L2 rollup built by BitDAO, wants you on board!   GM High Rollers: We are “The Rollup” so were supposed to talk about rollups, right? Well, I must say it hasn’t been very difficult to find talking points from ETHCC. It truly felt like the entire conference was focused on Ethereum scaling and [...]

 We Navigate Surviving Bear Market Scenarios   High Rollers: One common realization I had at ETHCC was the amount of teams that have recently pivoted in the bear market due to demand and trying to find the best product market fit. Bear markets bring harsh truths to the forefront of governance forums, discord convos, and [...]

Learn how Liquity is Building Resistant Technology at Scale   High Rollers: First of all, huge congrats to Liquity team for launching their v2 at Stablecoin Summit in Paris, the first of many stablecoin conferences in the space. I remember the first time I spoke to Robert on the DeFi By Design Podcast #36 & [...]