Where Lava Network Fits in The Modular Thesis

Scalable RPCs for the Modular Expansion with Lava Network

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Wow. What a day yesterday.

Our modular market map absolutely blew up on X.

Including in this map, under data tooling, is Lava Network. Lava is modular RPC data access provider for modular chains. Our discussion today is centered around how Lava’s modular data access layer is facilitating better connectivity across various blockchain environments.

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC), is a vital mechanism for accessing blockchain data. This enables users to perform a wide array of actions, such as checking balances and executing transactions, through effective communication with nodes.

The idea here is simple:

IF the modular expansion plays out how we think it will, we will have thousands of modular chains which will need RPCs so users can interact onchain. The current solutions are not very extensible and if they are, they lack privacy and/or speed.

Lava will take marketshare from the big names of the space who have been monoliths for sometime.

Rob sat down at ETHDenver with founders Yair & Gil to discuss where Lava fits in the modular thesis.


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