Where RiscZero Fits in The Modular Thesis

Explore how RiscZero leverages the RISC-V architecture and simplifies ZK proofs for practical implementation

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We believe in a future of verifiable computation. The modular future cannot exist without zk.

After last weeks video asking “Will ZK eat the modular stack?” and realizing its all but guaranteed, we have set out to learn more about how zkVMs and ZK will make an impact. Our focus today centers on how RiscZero utilizes zk proofs and how zkVM works.

At the core of RiscZero’s mission is the democratization of ZK technology, making it accessible and simpler for everyone. This effort is crucial as it enables the verification of computations in significantly less time than it takes to perform them, fostering scalable cross-verification without redundancy. We discussed the global state layer with regards to zkVM, and how Risc Zero is implemented into different rollup frameworks such as Sovereign Labs.

RiscZero’s use of the RISC-V architecture streamlines the integration of ZK proofs by allowing developers to leverage existing codebases, which drastically simplifies the development process.

ZK isn’t so easy to understand, we tried to make it as easy as possible for you. Hope you enjoy.

The Rollup

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