DeFi by Design EP#94: How Lossless Is Creating A Safer DeFi Ecosystem for All Users

Explore the Safest DeFi User Experience With Lossless!

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Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week full of productivity and learning!

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen an tremendous amount of execution and growth in DeFi. Builders have been put to the test with great market conditions and also not so great conditions and have seen the positive and negative consequences of this! With great speed and execution, comes a lot of coding errors and unfortunately, a lot of exploits…

Now that were in a season of building, the focus of creating a safer, more solidified DeFi ecosystem has been thrown to the top of the priority list.

At least that’s what the Lossless DeFi team has done, putting their heads down and building a suite of different DeFi safety and security products for the entire user base. Their tooling doesn’t just apply to users, but also to protocol developers who can implement their services for a much safer experience for the users.

Overall, we are VERY bullish on securing DeFi over the next couple years and are excited to share this podcast with Lossless Founder, Dominykas!

Enjoy the show and have a great weekend


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