DeFi by Design EP124: Where Fluent Fits in the Modular Thesis

Fluent: Pioneering the Next Wave of Modular Blockchains

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The future is Modular.

With the rise of specialized solutions in the blockchain development landscape, we will see more onboarding of devs and better UX for users.

In today’s podcast we talk with Dino, co-founder of Fluent, a company that is spearheading the development of a zkWasm L2.

One of the key aspects of Fluent’s platform is its support for two distinct categories of applications: shared apps and sovereign apps. This versatility is made possible through their FluentBase framework, which empowers developers to build standalone custom state machines and applications, allowing for a ton of epic use cases onchain.

Furthermore, Fluent’s vision extends beyond its own chain, as the team aims to seamlessly facilitate the deployment of innovative sovereign apps ‘under the Fluent umbrella’ so to speak.

In addition to their technical prowess, Fluent is dedicated to inspiring developers to engage with their platform by providing incentives and aligning with market needs. Their emphasis on value accrual and the belief that providing valuable functions is NOT a race to the bottom as some have been saying in the modular stack.

With a focus on modularity and a public testnet recently announced, Fluent is poised to play a strong role in the modular thesis.



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