zkEVM for Dummies

Taiko’s Blueprint for an Accessible Crypto World High Rollers: Welcome to ETHDenver! Today we’re diving deep into Taiko’s vision of scaling Ethereum. At the heart of Taiko lies a commitment to building a diverse and interoperable ecosystem. A place where crypto developers find a sandbox to build awesome applications. In today’s live interview from Denver, [...]

Exploring Taiko’s Katla Testnet and Ecosystem High Rollers: Happy Friday! With the recent launch of Starknet & $STRK, it seems like the zkRollup space is getting some serious traction in terms of new launches and excitment. As part of our zkEVM for Dummies series with Taiko, we are exploring the most recent & final Katla [...]

A Deep Dive into Taiko’s Based Contestable Rollup Design, ZK Proofs, and Prover Incentives for Crypto Enthusiasts High Rollers: Happy Friday! After our recent zkEVM for Dummies episode with Brecht, diving into the world of Based Boosted Rollups, were back with Taiko co-founder and CEO Daniel for an informative presentation on its the based contestable [...]

Exploring the Impact of L1 sequencing and Booster Rollups High Rollers: Welcome to the future of Ethereum scaling. As initially proposed by researcher Justin Drake, based rollups do not rely on centralized sequencers for transaction ordering and batching. They use native L1 sequencing directly from Ethereum to achieve decentralized, yet fast time to finality. Taiko’s [...]

Taiko Based Boosted Rollups Explainer

Unveiling “Based Rollups” and Taiko’s Based Boosted Rollups High Rollers: The Rollup goes technical research mode with the duo in person together, talking Ethereum scaling. In our latest piece, we’re diving into the world of Taiko and their groundbreaking work in enhancing onchain rollups through L1 sequencing. In the interview, we’ll be exploring Taiko’s upgrade [...]

Unveiling Taiko’s Approach to L2 Solutions: A Seamless, Unified Onchain Experience for dApps   High Rollers: Today, we’re delving into the innovative world of Taiko, a project that’s making waves in the realm of L2 solutions for decentralized applications. Taiko’s vision of creating a unified experience for users by making multiple instances of Taiko in [...]

Learn Why Taiko has Serious Traction in the Rollup Wars!   High Rollers: During ETHCC I learned about the different types of zkRollups (1 through 4) and was astonished at the complexities between the different types. The key takeaway that I had was Type 1 zkRollups are Ethereum equivalent also known as zkEVM. This is [...]