Vertex Protocol

Explore a New Path to Maximizing Returns and Asset Management in the DeFi Space High Rollers: Introducing: Kamino. This dApp is built on the Solana blockchain, and provides you a well-crafted tool designed to help you earn yield and interact in Solana DeFi. Kamino offers a range of features, from lending and borrowing activities to [...]

Unveiling โ€œBased Rollupsโ€ and Taikoโ€™s Based Boosted Rollups High Rollers: The Rollup goes technical research mode with the duo in person together, talking Ethereum scaling. In our latest piece, we’re diving into the world of Taiko and their groundbreaking work in enhancing onchain rollups through L1 sequencing. In the interview, we’ll be exploring Taiko’s upgrade [...]

Discover the Latest Developments and Integrations of Vertex Protocol   High Rollers: As we approach the end of the year, Vertex is gearing up to introduce transformative developments that will elevate the platform’s capabilities and enhance the user experience. (And new degen pairs, like $TIA & $INJ). Vertex has become the second-highest gas-consuming application on [...]

Dive Into Decentralized Derivatives & More ——- DeFi Slate Fam, Arbitrum has a lot of upcoming hype surrounding its heralded airdrop. Layer 2s are getting some attention after a successful Optimism airdrop and a lot of .ethโ€™s pushing the narrative of zkRollups (which we are so, so bullish on). As the Arbitrum ecosystem undergoes further [...]