Modular Chains

Welcome to Bitcoin & Beyond, an interactive educational program over the coming weeks. Happy Monday, Andy here… We have a new educational series for you. We thought quite deeply about where in the space there was a strong need for more clarity and understanding. Our goal is to provide that deep technical insight into the [...]

What is programmable IP? What are the usecases? Where does crypto & AI come into play? X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | The core properties of blockchains (immutability, transparency, trustlessness) are extremely well suited for intellectual property. Intellectual property is defined as: “A category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect.” In today’s episode, [...]

A Closer Look at Intent-Centric Blockchain Designs with Essential X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | Blockchains, as we know them today, are imperative. This means, we interact with every application needed to achieve a certain outcome onchain…we _care_ about the process in achieving a specified end result. The intent-centric future aims to flip this model on its [...]

Explore how RiscZero leverages the RISC-V architecture and simplifies ZK proofs for practical implementation X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | We believe in a future of verifiable computation. The modular future cannot exist without zk. After last weeks video asking “Will ZK eat the modular stack?” and realizing its all but guaranteed, we have set out to [...]

A conversation about VC investing and more with Maven 11 Researcher Mads Mathiesen X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | VCs have been getting a lot of hate recently. The era of high FDV, low float launches may be coming to an end soon…or will it? In today’s conversation we sat down with Mads Mathiesen, a long-time crypto [...]

A refreshing overview of the landscape of different execution layers X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | A big part of our modular thesis this year is the need for extremely high TPS blockchains which create a far better user experience, as well as a better dev experience. You may have heard the terms “altVMs or next-gen VMs” [...]

A look into how we think zk will be implemented in the modular stack X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | Will zk eat the modular stack? Isn’t zk an enhancer for the stack as a whole? Which parts of the stack will be disrupted by zk, and how? Today, we’re diving into a thought-provoking interview with Hannes [...]

A discussion with an ex-poker and chess professional about the incentive dynamics in crypto X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | One of our core beliefs is the acceleration of experimentation in crypto. We believe that continuously testing novel incentive designs will lead to better results in the future. That being said, not every mechanism is going to [...]

Unveiling the Fraxtal modular L2, Frax DA, and the fractal scaling thesis with CEO Sam Kazemian X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | The modular thesis is growing week by week. We are seeing the rise of new L2s and appchains happening at a rapidly accelerating pace now. Our second podcast as a team featuring Sam Kazemian from [...]

The origin story of Celestine Sloths, the modular community collection behind a 400x from mint X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | LM 💤 🥱 Did you know that Celestia was originally called LazyLedger? The idea behind this laziness stems from Celestia’s minimalistic properties. By solely focusing on data availability with minimal smart contracts & execution, Celestia is [...]