Modular Chains

Introducing A New Approach to Rollup OS High Rollers: If you’ve been following us for the last few months, you know we are bullish on modular rollups. Utilizing alternative virtual machines (altVMs), modular rollups are able to scale much more efficiently. Fuel Network is pushing the agenda for the modular rollup space with their “Rollup [...]

Insights from Leading Crypto Accelerator on Building Sustainable Crypto Ecosystems and Navigating Market Dynamics Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: If you have been here since day 1, you know we did a podcast with Qiao Wang in 2020 shortly after DeFi summer. What a time to be alive. In todays podcast, we cover a variety of topics, [...]

The Future of Gaming: How blockchain is changing the gaming industry one block at a time High Rollers: Happy Monday! I’m sure you’ve heard that crypto gaming is coming and its going to be huge, only to struggle finding games onchain. This changes in 2024. This is the year of crypto gaming. Today, Rob and [...]

Exploring Taiko’s Katla Testnet and Ecosystem High Rollers: Happy Friday! With the recent launch of Starknet & $STRK, it seems like the zkRollup space is getting some serious traction in terms of new launches and excitment. As part of our zkEVM for Dummies series with Taiko, we are exploring the most recent & final Katla [...]

A Deep Dive into Liquid Staking & Restaking in Cosmos Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: Restaking has grown significantly in the EVM land mindshare, yet people don’t realize Cosmos has had restaking for a very long time. Liquid staking has also grown significantly in Cosmos thanks to help of several key players. Today, we’ll explore the solutions [...]

A Chill Dive into Initia’s Modular Approach, Layer Solutions, and User-Centric Focus High Rollers: Welcome the Modular Rollup future! We believe that rollups utilizing alternative virtual machines (altVMs) and alternative data availability (altDA) solutions will scale significantly faster than those who do not. While this has become a thesis of ours recently, we are still [...]

A Deep Dive Into Onchain MEV Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: There is > $100M of value being extracted every single year from lending markets by MEV. This value is shared with Ethereum validators, yet makes a small difference in the staking yield… In todays pod, we’ll explore how UMA is planning to recapture this value and [...]

Unveiling the Future of App Chains: A Holistic Approach to Crypto Ecosystems High Rollers: Happy Monday! Were diving into the Modular Appchain Thesis with Layer Labs. Layer Labs offers a holistic approach to building app chains, connecting founders and projects with partners for cross-chain messaging, oracles, and grants. Their team has signifcant experience in DeFi, [...]

A Deep Dive into Taiko’s Based Contestable Rollup Design, ZK Proofs, and Prover Incentives for Crypto Enthusiasts High Rollers: Happy Friday! After our recent zkEVM for Dummies episode with Brecht, diving into the world of Based Boosted Rollups, were back with Taiko co-founder and CEO Daniel for an informative presentation on its the based contestable [...]

Fluent: Pioneering the Next Wave of Modular Blockchains Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: The future is Modular. With the rise of specialized solutions in the blockchain development landscape, we will see more onboarding of devs and better UX for users. In today’s podcast we talk with Dino, co-founder of Fluent, a company that is spearheading the development [...]