How Modular Rollups and RaaS are Ushering in a New Era of Cost-Effective, App-Specific Chains High Rollers: The blockchain space is on the brink of a revolution, with modular rollup ‘stacks’ simplifying the launch of new chains as easily as creating an ERC20 token. This innovation heralds a new era of cost-effective, customizable blockchain solutions, [...]

Understanding the Dynamics of Restaking, AVS Applications, and Reward Expectations with Gauntlet Gm Rollers: Eigenlayer has $2 billion in TVL Coming in at #11 in TVL across the entire DeFi ecosystem, and they haven’t even launched yet. The sheer size of Eigenlayer, while still in its infancy, demonstrates the tremendous anticipation around restaking. Well, I [...]

Exploring Liquid Staking for Enhanced Security and Sustainable Yields High Rollers: Restaking has taken the community by surprise so far this year with Eigenlayer being one of the most prominent upcoming launches we’ve seen in some time. Rob sat down with JoΓ£o, CEO of Genesis LRT, at Staking Summit to discuss the restaking landscape. Since [...]