Understanding The Avail Vision In Less Than 15 Minutes

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We’ve heard of the fragmentation problem many times in Modular March, and we’ve came to learn of a variety of solutions like shared sequencing, intents-based interop, and more.

Today, in less than 10 minutes, we hear the vision from Avail’s head of product Dan Mills live from Modular Day in ETHDenver.

Created in 2020 as part of Polygon, Avail emerged in response to Ethereum’s shift toward a rollup-centric architecture, identifying a critical need for enhanced data availability in support of data-hungry rollups. Avail’s foundational product, AvailDA, addresses this need by providing scalable, raw block space without necessitating base layer execution features (aka a specialized, modular blockchain).

Through the use of validity proofs and KZG polynomial commitments, AvailDA ensures that light clients can trust the data’s integrity through efficient random sampling.

However, Dan thought past first order consequences and like many of us now realize, there will be thousands of chains. To counter this, Avail is introducing Nexus, a unification layer based on aggregating proofs from various chains to guarantee the accuracy of execution and state transitions.

We also dive into Avail Fusion, the eventual security layer and third part of the Avail Trinity.

Stay up to speed on the biggest upcoming modular project launch, Avail, in less than 10 minutes with Andy.

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