Monolithic Vs. Modular Short Debate with Aptos Co-Founder Avery Ching

Dive Into Move VM and Aptos’ Stack

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If you are modular-pilled this will be a refreshing short chat.

If you want to understand the counterargument to building in a modularized fashion, you’ll enjoy this.

Andy sat down with Avery Ching, co-founder of Aptos to discuss his perspective on the modular thesis and understand why he is building Aptos in a more integrated fashion.

Avery shared his perspective on the intricate dance between modularity and monolithic architectures in blockchain design, and why Aptos leans into the latter with the elegance of a ‘finely tuned sports car’ as a reference.

Avery addressed concerns regarding centralization and scalability, explaining that a unified stack simplifies development and security processes. He highlighted the strength of Aptos’s community, with over 400 developers contributing to its codebase, underscoring the project’s potential for decentralization and scalability.

The conversation also delved into Aptos’s adoption of the Move VM, which Avery advocates for its ability to reduce the risks associated with smart contract development and introduce formal verification to the ecosystem.

Sometimes we can be stuck in tunnel vision with our steadfast beliefs of modularity.

It’s good to hear the other side.

We’re still modularity enthusiasts, don’t you worry.

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