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Not sure we need to write too much about this one!

We mostly laughed and had a good time while understanding the definitions of some key terms in the space. Togruhl, one of the early Ethereum contributors and Scroll co-founders, gave us a presentation on his mental models for modular and monolithic design structures.

What was particularly interesting was the idea which Togruhl posed about the convergence of these two ideologies into nearly the same place.

Monolithic chains will modularize. Modular chains will enshrine more functionality.

We also asked if he thinks Celestia is more of a competitor for Ethereum than Solana. Togruhl then posed the question “Is Celestia really modular?” which was kind of mindblowing.

Big definitions guy over here.

We think you’ll really enjoy this one and we had a bunch of great takeaways which were driven by out of the box thinking.

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