How Modular Rollups and RaaS are Ushering in a New Era of Cost-Effective, App-Specific Chains High Rollers: The blockchain space is on the brink of a revolution, with modular rollup ‘stacks’ simplifying the launch of new chains as easily as creating an ERC20 token. This innovation heralds a new era of cost-effective, customizable blockchain solutions, [...]

Unlocking the Potential: Celestia’s Modularity and the Future of Blockchain Customization Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: As you know, we’ve become quite the modular blockchain activists and have been focusing on modular rollups quite a bit recently. Today’s podcast is a deep dive into how Celestia’s Data Availability Sampling (DAS) is changing the way we think about [...]

Unpacking Aevo’s Modular Strategy and Token Launch High Rollers: Aevo is going Modular. Seems like everyday we are seeing new projects/dApps launching with “Celestia underneath ✨” for cheaper data publishing costs. There’s a good reason for this…using Celestia enables nearly 100x lower costs than posting data directly to Ethereum L1. In todays conversation with former [...]

Discover the Yield-Bearing Liquid Staked $TIA Strategies High Rollers: The staked $TIA trade is officially reaching the entirety of CT and likely to permeate YouTube and more, if not already. Today, we’re showing you a variation to get higher capital efficiency (using liquid staked TIA) and borrowing against / lending your $milkTIA. Milky Way launched [...]

Learn how Arbitrum Orbit and Celestia are revolutionizing Blockchain Scalability and Affordability High Rollers: Arbitrum Orbit is setting a new standard for blockchain scalability, enabling a future where modular chains are both abundant and accessible. By integrating Celestia’s data availability layers, this partnership drastically reduces rollup fees, paving the way for secure and scalable blockchains [...]

How Two Tech Titans Are Pioneering the Future of DeFi with Modular Rollups High Rollers: The blockchain landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with modular blockchains leading the charge into what’s being hailed as the “crypto broadband moment.” In a groundbreaking move, two industry powerhouses have joined forces to construct modular rollups, leveraging unprecedented technological [...]