Explore a New Path to Maximizing Returns and Asset Management in the DeFi Space High Rollers: Introducing: Kamino. This dApp is built on the Solana blockchain, and provides you a well-crafted tool designed to help you earn yield and interact in Solana DeFi. Kamino offers a range of features, from lending and borrowing activities to [...]

Taiko Based Boosted Rollups Explainer

Unveiling “Based Rollups” and Taiko’s Based Boosted Rollups High Rollers: The Rollup goes technical research mode with the duo in person together, talking Ethereum scaling. In our latest piece, we’re diving into the world of Taiko and their groundbreaking work in enhancing onchain rollups through L1 sequencing. In the interview, we’ll be exploring Taiko’s upgrade [...]

Learn how Arbitrum Orbit and Celestia are revolutionizing Blockchain Scalability and Affordability High Rollers: Arbitrum Orbit is setting a new standard for blockchain scalability, enabling a future where modular chains are both abundant and accessible. By integrating Celestia’s data availability layers, this partnership drastically reduces rollup fees, paving the way for secure and scalable blockchains [...]

Exploring The Future Of Cosmos and Governance Dynamics in the Osmosis Ecosystem   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | Twitter (X) High Rollers: Osmosis has a chance to solidify the position of the dominant DeFi hub for Cosmos Hub & IBC-based blockchains in the coming year. Seriously. If Sunny can execute this properly, along with the Osmosis community, there’s a [...]

Arbitrum STIP Marathon Written Recap

A full recap on the STIP Marathon igniting the Spark of Collective Innovation in Arbitrum. High Rollers: Arbitrum is a unique bastion of blockchain innovation where entry is not bought with wealth but earned through groundbreaking ideas and collaborative spirit. This is a space where the forward-thinking and the daring converge, creating a hub of [...]

Discover the Latest Developments and Integrations of Vertex Protocol   High Rollers: As we approach the end of the year, Vertex is gearing up to introduce transformative developments that will elevate the platform’s capabilities and enhance the user experience. (And new degen pairs, like $TIA & $INJ). Vertex has become the second-highest gas-consuming application on [...]

How Hyperlane is positioning for the modular blockchain explosion   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | Twitter (X) High Rollers: Today, we’re diving into the realm of Hyperlane, a cutting-edge solution designed to change the way we think about blockchain interoperability and messaging security within the modular blockchain future we are soon to exist in. We aim to help you [...]

How Two Tech Titans Are Pioneering the Future of DeFi with Modular Rollups High Rollers: The blockchain landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with modular blockchains leading the charge into what’s being hailed as the “crypto broadband moment.” In a groundbreaking move, two industry powerhouses have joined forces to construct modular rollups, leveraging unprecedented technological [...]

Arbitrum STIP Marathon Virtual Event [Part 2]

Take a closer look at the Arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program by hearing directly from the grantees! [Part 2]   High Rollers: Arbitrum STIP Marathon vibes are still going! Part two of our great conversation with top teams building in Arbitrum DeFi is here! Quick reminder, what STIPs are: The Arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program [...]

Arbitrum STIP Marathon Virtual Event [Part 1]

Take a closer look at the Arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program by hearing directly from the grantees!   High Rollers: The space on ARB STIPs was so much vibing! Great conversation with all the teams on a bunch of topics you can’t miss. The Arbutrum STIPs are all about driving liquidity, trading, and development within [...]