Cosmos Ecosystem

Today’s lesson on interop uses Neutron, Celestia, and Hyperlane to connect modular rollups Gm Rollers: Today, we’re diving into modular interoperability. Neutron serves as an integrated application network, leveraging IBC, to connect appchains into one cohesive universe of applications. The concept of an integrated application network is Neutron’s novel design inspired by Cosmos architecture. As [...]

Uncovering the Recent Saga Genesis Drop & Cosmos Gaming Alpha High Rollers: We’re making an introduction to the Cosmos gaming space after the recent Saga genesis drop announcement! Saga is an L1 appchain solution for launching other L1 applications (games), providing fully provisioned chains called “chainlets” with all the necessary elements to scale. As a [...]

Discover Dymension: The Modular Solution for Seamless Blockchain Interactions   High Rollers: Let’s talk about Dymension, our modular thesis and how we believe its shaping the future of blockchain interactions. Dymension is a project that is designed with a laser focus on modularity and interoperability, aiming to provide a unique approach to settlement layers and [...]

Exploring The Future Of Cosmos and Governance Dynamics in the Osmosis Ecosystem   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | Twitter (X) High Rollers: Osmosis has a chance to solidify the position of the dominant DeFi hub for Cosmos Hub & IBC-based blockchains in the coming year. Seriously. If Sunny can execute this properly, along with the Osmosis community, there’s a [...]

Charting Manta’s Course for Sustainable Crypto Growth and Technological Innovations in DeFi Space   High Rollers: Our last but certainly not least interview from Devconnect with Kenny from Manta Network! Manta Network is actively shaping the modular DeFi space as it gears up for a big finish to the EOY. More details on that, next [...]

Discover the Seamless Path to Staking Your Tokens on the Cosmos Ecosystem   High Rollers: Today, we’re diving into the world of liquid staking with a focus on PersistenceOne, an LSTFi focused protocol growing in the Cosmos ecosystem. So, what’s the buzz about pStakeFinance? Well, it’s all about providing a smooth and user-friendly experience for [...]