Discover Dymension: The Modular Solution for Seamless Blockchain Interactions   High Rollers: Let’s talk about Dymension, our modular thesis and how we believe its shaping the future of blockchain interactions. Dymension is a project that is designed with a laser focus on modularity and interoperability, aiming to provide a unique approach to settlement layers and [...]

An In-Depth Look at Synonym Testnet Demo   High Rollers: Over the last several years we’ve seen tons of iterations amongst different verticals in the crypto space trying to further innovate. This is probably our favorite part of being in this space so early, it feels like we are experimenting in real time… Or, ‘testing [...]

Elevating DeFi Connectivity: The Polymer Paradigm   High Rollers: Happy Wednesday! Today, we’re delving into the fascinating world of Polymer, a project once focused on bridging IBC – Ethereum, now with a new direction to solve the Cosmos distribution problem and Ethereum’s rollup fragmentation issue. They aim to bring native IBC compatibility to Ethereum rollups [...]

In this video, Robbie Rollup explores ways to streamline crypto company operations with Bruno   High Rollers, I had a blast at Messari Mainnet 2023 Itโ€™s only getting more complex to run a crypto company, so our frens at Magna have a solution to make things easier. I caught up with Bruno, co-founder of Magna [...]

In this video, Andy shares his thoughts on the newest optimism airdrop   High Rollers, It literally pays to be in DeFi, but Optimism’s latest airdrop is not without its controversies. Take 5 minutes to hear our thoughts on the details of airdrop #3. Andy goes into detail on how to delegate and earn tokens, [...]

In this video, we highlight the new incentive program approved by Arbitrium DAO   High Rollers, One of our favorite L2s has announced a grant program to incentivize liquidity, increase traffic, and much more. There are a few tiers of grants available: Beacon, Siren, Lighthouse, Pinnacle We’ve prepared a 5 minute video for you on [...]

We deliver a step-by-step to options trading through our OptionsFi partners at Premia Finance   High Rollers, Get ready to embark on a journey into gammas and greeks as we dive into the heart of Premia V3’s cutting-edge crypto options trading platform. Yesterday marked the launch of this easy to understand options platform, but in [...]

Learn all about Web3 Security with Brian from ChainLight   High Rollers, In this video, we learn all about the team of full-stack Web3 experts at Theori, led by Brian Pak. This team of absolute chads is on a mission to make the ecosystem we all share safer. “You’re human, we’re human, we all make [...]

We take a step by step walk through of overtime markets SportsFi   High Rollers SportsFi is a growing opportunity to pay attention to, and Overtime Markets is leading the way. They’ve got all the right features: can’t ban you, can’t steal your money, and it’s all built on the solid foundation of DeFi. We’re [...]

Our sponsors at Raft Finance share some valuable alpha on upcoming Raft V2!   High Rollers, Raft Finance’s upcoming V2 launch has some high-yield opportunities! Enjoy this guest newsletter from our partners at Raft Finance. In this newsletter, they describe the R savings rate, peg stability module, and a short how-to earn R, raft’s native [...]