We Need To Talk About Fraud Proofs with Gabriel Couthino

The Current State of Fraud Proofs in Rollups & Why We Need To Discuss This

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Rollups as we know them today are more centralized than we’d like.

Basically, rollups operate using a secure multi-sig and centralized sequencer for transaction batching and ordering.

This isn’t good for a multitude of reasons, notably censorship resistance. We are trying to build resilient, long-lasting systems in crypto and to do this effectively these systems need to be sufficiently decentralized…or else we are at risk of nation-state intervention.

Today, we focus on the critical topic of fraud proofs within rollups. Verifiability is integral to enhancing the scalability and security of Ethereum-based solutions without sacrificing the decentralized foundation which Vitalik has created for us.

Security varies significantly across different rollups currently. Some are based on a permissioned set of validators, while others are advancing with permissionless algorithms that resist both delay and civil attacks.

We are here to analyze these variations, particularly looking at how recent innovations, like the Canetti et al. algorithm, utilize computation hashes and structured tournament brackets to meet these challenges head-on. The goal of our discussion is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how fraud proofs work, why they matter, and what role they play in building a more censorship resistant Ethereum.

By the end of this technical session, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the complexities involved in fraud proof design and where we are headed as a community to make the modular future a verifiable one.

Join us as we delve into the technical depths of rollup designs.

The Rollup

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