Is Ethereum alignment a meme?

Exploring Ethereum Alignment and the Moral Compass of the Crypto Community

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At what point does ideological alignment affect your technological decision making?

The essence of Ethereum alignment involves a commitment to its core principles — decentralization, security, permissionlessness, and scalability. This deep-rooted alignment goes beyond the technical, touching on Ethereum’s broader moral compass, which aims to question and redefine the societal and economic impacts of crypto.

As we all know, Vitalik isn’t exactly a big fan of memecoins.

In today’s discussion, we sat down with the community lead of Taiko, an emerging zk-based L2 to discuss alignment with Ethereum.

For Taiko, alignment with Ethereum is more than strategic; it’s a commitment to shared growth. By allocating 1% of their tokens to Ethereum’s development, they reinforce their support and ensure mutual advancement.

This allows them to attract top-tier developer talent, it’s about building resilient, censorship-resistant systems that reflect the vision of early blockchain pioneers while focusing on public goods over private gains.
In this piece, we unpack how Taiko’s integration into the Ethereum ecosystem not only supports Ethereum but also sets a precedent for all rollups.

Dive into this higher level conversation for a philosophical approach to scaling Ethereum together!

The Rollup

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