Where Sovereign Labs Fits In The Modular Thesis

Unpacking Modular Rollup Frameworks and The Sovereign SDK

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The general idea and thesis we share is that we will see 1000s of appchains and the frameworks which are building for that future are in a good spot. In addition, we also believe there will be a ton of zkVMs (as introduced to us by Cem during this video) which will power rollups going forward.

This is also part of our “we don’t need any more traditional EVM, general purpose L2s” thesis.

In today’s video, were taking a closer look at Sovereign Labs. Sovereign is a project we’ve heard quite a bit about in the modular stack, which is builiding an SDK to launch zkRollups. Our discussion with the founder Cem Ozer, unpacks more of our thesis above.

We started talking about Cem’s reasoning behind the name “Sovereign Labs” and touched on the noisy neighbor problem which sovereign rollups solve. We went on to discuss how the Sovereign SDK utilizes Rust-based machines, is partnered with leading zkVM providers like Risc Zero & Succinct, interoperability baked in for every rollup within Sovereign, and how all of this leads to providing a great user experience.

We asked Cem why a builder would choose the Sovereign SDK over a different stack like Cosmos SDK, OP stack, ZK stack and others.

We also found a quick moment at the end to ask Cem about their plans to decentralize Sovereign Labs, and what that future may look like.

Whether you are a developer, a power user, or a modularity enthusiast, learning about the Sovereign SDK and how builders are thinking about laying the ground work for the modular expansion is a worthy endeavor!

Hope you enjoy.

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