SEI Network

Exploring Berachain’s Unique Approach to Community Building, Liquidity, and Security Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    High Rollers: Berachain is real. With takeaways from this podcast such as “your community is actually like a set of offchain validators” and unpacking what “proof of liquidity” really means, we really enjoyed the deep dive with Smokey. We think Berachain is onto [...]

DeFi by Design EP120: Sei Network Explained

SEI: Advancing EVM Scalability and Transparency in Crypto Ecosystem Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: Today, we’re diving into the world of SEI Network and its role in the parallelization narrative. SEI Network is a solution that’s quietly changing the way we navigate EVM challenges and state bloat. With the mainnet launch in August 2023, SEI Network has [...]