Exclusive Dive Into Building trestles, Permission less, & Censorship Resistance Tech!   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Rollup Nation: Imagine if there was a technology stack that could underpin everything from decentralized finance to social media networks, instant messaging, and more. Now… Imagine if the team had raised $120M and practically has “infinite runway” according to the CEO.Then, [...]

This special 100th episode of DeFi by Design is brought to you alongside a marathon Twitter Space with our frens from 60+ projects. Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    A very special GM rollup nation: We are totally hype to present our 100th episode of DeFi by Design. Its been a wild ride, so far through bull and bear [...]

LI.FI and Wido are partnering to build custom cross-chain experiences for teams interested in improving the crypto user experience! Gm Rollup Nation: With more caution around centralized exchanges, even more emphasis is put onto DeFi to perform at a level prime for mass adoption. Its a shame to see CEX users sell off altcoins when [...]