A New Era Of BTC Utility: BRC20s, Ordinals, and CoreDAO Explained

Exploring Core’s Unique Relationship with Bitcoin and EVM-Compatible Chains

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The new era of BTC utility is happening before our eyes as the PoW security concerns are slowly being addressed!

In our conversation with Rich Rines of CoreDAo, we’ll be delving into the transition from centralized to decentralized work environments, the global collaboration at CoreDAO, and its special relationship with Bitcoin and EVM-compatible chains.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Core DAO is its interplay with Bitcoin and EVM-compatible chains. The interview sheds light on Core’s unique relationship with Bitcoin, as it rewards Bitcoin miners to help secure the Core network and aims to unlock trapped liquidity in Bitcoin.

Moreover, Core is at the forefront of exploring new consensus mechanisms, such as delegated proof of work and native BTC staking, to enhance its security and scalability.

We also touch on the emergence of BRC20s and Ordinals, highlighting their capacity to bring Bitcoin back into focus and enable innovative developments on the Bitcoin network while ensuring longer term security for PoW blockchains.

If you’re keen to explore the evolving relationship between Bitcoin and EVM-compatible chains, and uncover the innovative initiatives driving Core DAO with the recent rise in onchain BTC activity, this one’s for you.

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