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It is 336 days since the Merge. So, how’s it going? Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM High Rollers: Well, ETH is alive and deflationary. 922,267 ETH burned and 617,739 ETH issued since the Merge. Over 300,000 ETH taken out of circulation and we are just getting started. Not to mention, gas prices are low and the network [...]

We chat with Worldpay Head of Growth, Crypto, and Web3 to learn what is holding us back from mass adoption. Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Gm High Rollers: Most of our network consists of builders and degens who are numb to bear markets after surviving for so long. This conversation was a first of its kind. Firstly, Worldpay [...]

Dive Into How Gearbox is Revolutionizing the Leverage Yield Space!   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM. Happy DeFi By Design EP #102! We love speaking with projects that have been building since the early days in DeFi. Often times the ones who have survived have achieved a solid PMF, have a great time, and will have runway [...]

Exclusive Dive Into Building trestles, Permission less, & Censorship Resistance Tech!   Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Rollup Nation: Imagine if there was a technology stack that could underpin everything from decentralized finance to social media networks, instant messaging, and more. Now… Imagine if the team had raised $120M and practically has “infinite runway” according to the CEO.Then, [...]

🎙 ICYMI Gm 💯 Recap

Recapping Gm 💯 DeFi’s Power with Alpha Insights! Rollup Nation:What an insane time we had yesterday on the gm 💯 space yesterday where we had over 60 DeFi projects appear for 15 minute panels across various different types of topics.We thoroughly enjoyed the space and each team that came up to talk was really inspiring to [...]

This special 100th episode of DeFi by Design is brought to you alongside a marathon Twitter Space with our frens from 60+ projects. Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    A very special GM rollup nation: We are totally hype to present our 100th episode of DeFi by Design. Its been a wild ride, so far through bull and bear [...]

Scaling Ethereum and Amplifying DeFi: A Double Celebration of 100 Epic Episodes! Rollup Nation: Gm 💯 This is gonna be fun! We are bringing together all our frens for a massive space celebration of DeFi by Design and Ethereum scalability. There will be cash giveaways, NFT gifts, insightful speakers, alpha drops, and much much more. [...]

Take a Journey into the Future of Ethereum Scaling Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Rollup Nation: Recently we have been beating the drum on the possibilities of zKRollup technology, StarkNet, and account abstraction…And for good reason! Very soon StarkNet will undergo one of the most important updates in all of its history: A major increase in the transaction [...]

Math Class is in Session! Explore ZK Technology, Modular App-Chains & More! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Gm Rollup Nation: I hope you’re ready. This is one of our deepest DeFi by Design podcasts. We’re gonna get right into it. Lagrange Labs is a developer group hyper-focused on Ethereum scalability. As you probably know, there are two main [...]

This Simple but Complex Feature Will Shake Up the Wallet Experience Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    Rollup Nation: I have been so, so bullish on Account Abstraction since my first interactions with the StarkNet community.Its very important that you understand why, and how this simple but complex feature will totally change the wallet experience for all new users [...]