Modular Day: Permissionless Interop for Modular Expansion

Embracing the expansion of new chains and rollups with permissionless interop

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gmodular, coming at you from from Modular Day in Denver.

In today’s in person interview, we’re taking a straightforward look at Hyperlane, focusing on its role in the upcoming “modular expansion” and how permissionless interoperability plays a major role.

Andy sits down with Jon Kol, CEO of Hyperlane, to discuss the vision for connecting the modular future.

Hyperlane’s vision is clear: to provide a framework where connecting across various blockchains and applications is open for anyone and extremely secure. By prioritizing modularity, Hyperlane ensures that users can customize their onchain experience, focusing only on the connections that are relevant to their needs and interests.

Let’s explore how Hyperlane is setting new standards for permissionless interoperability and preparing for the explosion of blockspace and new chains in 2024.


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