Modular March EP 2: Are Shared Sequencers Just Another L1? With NodeKit

A Closer Look at How NodeKit Aims To Integrate the Fragmented Future

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In today’s Modular March presentation, we’re diving into a topic brought to light by Ethereum foundation researcher, Justin Drake.

Interoperability has long been a stumbling block in the path to a unified DeFi space. Traditional bridges and their limitations, the high costs associated with proof aggregation, and the challenges of achieving true atomic composability have fragmented the landscape.

Yet, amidst these challenges, Ethereum has been pushing towards a world of shared sequencing.

In this presentation, we discuss Nodekit’s unique consensus mechanism that ensures quick finality and minimal reorganizations, which is essential for the reliability of atomic operations across chains.

As we explore the future of blockchain interoperability and the role of shared sequencing and hyperstructures, it’s clear that projects like NodeKit are pivotal.

Lets learn about shared sequencing together.


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