Squid Boost Live From Good INTENTions


Robbie and Fig chat about normie applications of Squid Boost, intent-centric router framework.

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GM High Rollers:

Intentions are important parts of our everyday life. Whether you know it or not, intentions underscore all the actions we take and even the ones we don’t take, and the choices we make. Ideally, intentions are fulfilled, and we achieve our goal state.

Good INTENTions was a one day special event to focus on this concept: How we can incorporate the intentional mental model into Web3 UX.

Intentions are specifically key for UX for two reasons:

  1. Because UX in crypto is especially poor. According, to several projects UX is one of the primary reasons why the industry at large has failed to reach mass adoption.
  2. Because intentions are easy to understand. They are core to our mental thought process of taking action and help “normies” understand their on-chain interactions.

​Squid leverages the power of intentions in their latest upgrade, which was unveiled at Devconnect 2023. Squid’s latest release is Squid Boost which harnesses the power of intentions in an intent-centric architecture.

Learn more about this intention-based design model and intentions in general from our most recent collaboration with Squid.


The Rollup

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