How Intent-Based Interop Will Play A Role In The Modular Expansion X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: Again, we find ourselves returning to the interoperability and fragmentation problem of the modular expansion. We’ll keep it real, there is nothing innovative of building hundreds of siloed execution environments. Even if you value sovereignty as much as the [...]

Dive into Astria’s Shared Sequencer and Modular Architecture With A Focus On Business Logic X (Twitter)¬†|¬†YouTube |¬†Spotify | gmodular: After our episode with Tarun Chitra about value accrual in the modular stack, as well as thinking about it deeper we‚Äôve came to our own conclusions. Josh Bowen, ex-Celestia team, and now founder of Astria blew [...]

Understanding Hyperlane’s Design Choices X (Twitter)¬†|¬†YouTube |¬†Spotify | gmodular: The checkered cross-chain past is something you just had to live through to understand. We tend to think the best have survived and the unfortunate events of 2021-2022 have led to a completely different way of thinking about interoperability security for the modular expansion. In today‚Äôs [...]

Understanding How Lagrange’s zk co-processors faciliate novel applications X (Twitter)¬†|¬†YouTube |¬†Spotify | gmodular: A core fundamental primitive of blockchain is the unlocking of usecases which are not possibly in any other type of system. We‚Äôve heard a lot of this and we believe the technology stack is being built as we speak which will facilitate [...]

Extensible Block Explorers for the Modular Future with Routescan X (Twitter)¬†|¬†YouTube |¬†Spotify | gmodular: One of the core issues we heard about awhile back on our podcast with Jon Kol from Hyperlane was the ‚Äėindexing‚Äô problem of the modular expansion. Essentially, if we are going to exist in a world of 1000s of chains, we‚Äôll [...]

Scalable RPCs for the Modular Expansion with Lava Network X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: Wow. What a day yesterday. Our modular market map absolutely blew up on X. Including in this map, under data tooling, is Lava Network. Lava is modular RPC data access provider for modular chains. Our discussion today is centered around how [...]

Unveiling the path from 2D to 4D for Dymension X (Twitter) | YouTube | gmodular: Dymension was the second massive modular launch following Celestia. Yesterday, the first RollApp on Dymension, NIM Network announced their genesis rolldrop to $DYM stakers, Pudgy Penguins, $PRIME holders and other communities. Of course, we asked Yishay what he thinks of NIM and [...]

Exploring The Expansion of Modular Appchains X (Twitter)¬†|¬†YouTube | gmodular: The explosion of modular appchains is happening. Head over to Celenium, Celestia‚Äôs main block explorer, to see the chains using Celestia for modular DA. These are typically happening through RaaS providers who offer a seamless setup process. Today we are focused Gelato’s approach to modular [...]

NEAR DA, Account Aggregation, and Chain Abstraction X (Twitter) | YouTube | gmodular: In a world of 1000s of rollups and chains, the problem to tackle is unification of these otherwise isolated execution environments. In today’s Modular March presentation, we sit down with NEAR founder Illia to take a look at their data availability layer, account aggregation, [...]

Learn about the Movement Labs Modular L2 & MOVE Language X (Twitter) | YouTube | gmodular: We were speaking to a liquid fund in Denver who just wouldn’t deploy capital into DeFi products on EVM because of the risk of re-entrancy bugs and other exploits. However, what they did mention was they wanted to deploy into Movement’s [...]