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Discover Dymension: The Modular Solution for Seamless Blockchain Interactions   High Rollers: Let’s talk about Dymension, our modular thesis and how we believe its shaping the future of blockchain interactions. Dymension is a project that is designed with a laser focus on modularity and interoperability, aiming to provide a unique approach to settlement layers and [...]

2024: The Year of DVT with SSV Network

Discover the Power of DVT in Ethereum Staking with SSV Network Innovative Infrastructure   High Rollers: Today, we’ve got something special for all our DeFi enthusiasts, builders, and power users. We’re diving into the world of Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and its game-changing potential within the Ethereum staking landscape. We will share some real knowledge [...]

Unlocking Staking Potential: Exploring DVT and MEV in Crypto   High Rollers: Today’s piece is about the fascinating world of staking with a focus on the latest developments in the crypto space. At StakingRewards, we’re all about exploring the potential of onchain staking and its impact on the broader crypto community. We’ll be delving into [...]

Discover the Latest Developments and Integrations of Vertex Protocol   High Rollers: As we approach the end of the year, Vertex is gearing up to introduce transformative developments that will elevate the platform’s capabilities and enhance the user experience. (And new degen pairs, like $TIA & $INJ). Vertex has become the second-highest gas-consuming application on [...]

Charting Manta’s Course for Sustainable Crypto Growth and Technological Innovations in DeFi Space   High Rollers: Our last but certainly not least interview from Devconnect with Kenny from Manta Network! Manta Network is actively shaping the modular DeFi space as it gears up for a big finish to the EOY. More details on that, next [...]

Discover How Synonym’s Cross-Chain dApp Is Pushing Boundaries in DeFi   High Rollers: Today, we talk with Beachball from Synonym Finance, a project in testnet (with retroactive rewards) with its innovative approach to cross-chain interoperability using Wormhole. Synonym’s focus on creating a dApp which can expand to many chains and enable interoperability is crucial in [...]

Unveiling Nillion: Redefining Data Security Using MPC In Crypto   High Rollers: As seasoned crypto enthusiasts, builders, and power users, you understand the critical importance of safeguarding high-value data in an increasingly interconnected digital world. Remember when Metamask announced they track users IPs? Many of us switched off MM & also to different RPC providers…for [...]

Exploring the Technical Landscape of and Security in the Crypto Space   High Rollers: Today, we’ll delve into a nice convo with guys from LiFI, Axelar, Across, Connext, Synonym and Interchain_io to unravel the intricate web of cross-chain token security and multi-rollup interoperability. We discussed the nuanced aspects of token movement across different chains, delving [...]

Discover the Next Level of Secure Authentication and Key Generation for DeFi with Web3Auth Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: Let’s talk more about the world of cryptography, particularly secure key generation in the realm of DeFi and crypto. Web3Auth is paving the way for a non-custodial solution that prioritizes user security and asset protection. By focusing on [...]

Discover the Multifaceted Approach of Flipside’s Data Analysis and Governance Support in Crypto Realms Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  High Rollers: If you’re a onchain user, you NEED to be using data tracking and onchain tracking services to improve your results. Full stop. In the dark forest, where data dynamics play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of [...]