Nebular Summit

Mastering MantisSwap: A Quick Tutorial Into The Mechanics & How To Use the App!   Gm High Rollers, Hope you are having a fantastic week thus far – especially after seeing positive ETF news all over major media outlets 👀 We will keep our heads down, build, execute and prepare for the coming bull market. [...]

Andy breaks down the on-chain open knowledge ecosystem with Theo from OKP4   High Rollers: In this video from our Nebular Summit coverage, we learn more about how OKP4 is enabling the next 100 DeFi Projects accurate, on-chain information in a way that is trust-minimized and defi-native! Cheers, The Rollup

Tasteful cross-chain communications with Fig from Squid Router   High Rollers: In this video, uncover Squid’s role in elevating your DeFi journey. The Squid Router is an infrastructure link to the magical world of DeFi in the backend of your favorite killer app. It can empower Web2 to take the leap into Web3 without scaring [...]

Introducing Raft Fi, the game-changer for LSDFi chads   Gm High Rollers: If you’re a LSDFi chad you need to know about Raft Fi. We’ve been using the plaform and we’ll show you how it can work in your favor :point-right: Raft now lets you get liquidity on your liquid staking derivatives without selling your [...]

Learn how Cosmos is Building a Stable Unit of Value for the Cosmos Ecosystem   High Rollers: We believe that what IBC and Cosmos are doing with app specific rollups & chains is crucial for DeFi scalability… Also, we’re very excited to see that Cosmos ecosystem had solved their once traumatic stablecoin dilemma with UST! [...]

Unlocking Digital Identity: A Journey with at Nebular Summit   High Rollers: Happy Monday! Of all the convos amidst ETHCC week in Paris, the topics were somewhat similar: How account abstraction is changing the DeFi UX forever. Why L2s are primed to have the next hype cycle for DeFi yields. LSDFi and Staked ETH [...]