Where Solana & Ethereum Collide For The Greater Good X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: Typically, you wouldn’t think of Solana having a strong footing in the modular thesis. After all, the design choices they have elegantly pioneered (credit where credit is due) revolve around scaling a single state machine. This simply won’t scale to billions [...]

A truly fascinating conversation about cryptoeconomic incentive models X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: We really enjoyed this presentation. While we’ve had multiple shared sequencers talks on Modular March, each one has been far different. Today’s deep dive is around the game theory and incentive designs behind creating a rollup ecosystem which feels completely seamless and [...]

Understanding The Avail Vision In Less Than 15 Minutes X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: We’ve heard of the fragmentation problem many times in Modular March, and we’ve came to learn of a variety of solutions like shared sequencing, intents-based interop, and more. Today, in less than 10 minutes, we hear the vision from Avail’s head [...]

Dive Into Move VM and Aptos’ Stack X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: If you are modular-pilled this will be a refreshing short chat. If you want to understand the counterargument to building in a modularized fashion, you’ll enjoy this. Andy sat down with Avery Ching, co-founder of Aptos to discuss his perspective on the modular [...]

The Power of Interconnectivity in Modular Thesis X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: What an interesting conversation this was. Going way back to the core ethos of cryptoeconomic systems, we took a bit of a journey through PoW, PoS, and now modularity. It was quite a different presentation from the previous Modular March episodes. We sat [...]

How Intent-Based Interop Will Play A Role In The Modular Expansion X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: Again, we find ourselves returning to the interoperability and fragmentation problem of the modular expansion. We’ll keep it real, there is nothing innovative of building hundreds of siloed execution environments. Even if you value sovereignty as much as the [...]

Dive into Astria’s Shared Sequencer and Modular Architecture With A Focus On Business Logic X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: After our episode with Tarun Chitra about value accrual in the modular stack, as well as thinking about it deeper we’ve came to our own conclusions. Josh Bowen, ex-Celestia team, and now founder of Astria blew [...]

Understanding Hyperlane’s Design Choices X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: The checkered cross-chain past is something you just had to live through to understand. We tend to think the best have survived and the unfortunate events of 2021-2022 have led to a completely different way of thinking about interoperability security for the modular expansion. In today’s [...]

Understanding How Lagrange’s zk co-processors faciliate novel applications X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: A core fundamental primitive of blockchain is the unlocking of usecases which are not possibly in any other type of system. We’ve heard a lot of this and we believe the technology stack is being built as we speak which will facilitate [...]

Extensible Block Explorers for the Modular Future with Routescan X (Twitter) | YouTube | Spotify | gmodular: One of the core issues we heard about awhile back on our podcast with Jon Kol from Hyperlane was the ‘indexing’ problem of the modular expansion. Essentially, if we are going to exist in a world of 1000s of chains, we’ll [...]